Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipe

If your pipes freeze

If your pipes freeze, open the cold water faucet nearest the frozen pipe to relieve the pressure of the expanding ice that may cause a pipe to burst.

Thawing a frozen pipe

Be very careful trying to thaw a frozen pipe! Gentle heat from a light bulb, hair dryer or warm setting or heat tape is good. If the pipe is already cracked from freezing, as the water thaws it may begin to spray out risking danger of electrocution if it sprays the appliance you are using for thawing. Do not use a torch or open flame to thaw pipes!

Find your water main cut-off valve

Find this valve now! If water is pouring into your house from a broken pipe, you will need to know where this valve is. Locate the water cut-off valve, mark it and make sure everyone in the house knows where it is. Most main water cut-off valves are located on the wall where the water enters the house or near the washing machine or hot water heater.

If you let your faucet drip during cold weather, remember to place a bucket or bowl under the faucet to collect the water for reuse in watering pets or plants. Letting your faucet drip should only be used on pipes that are vulnerable to freezing.