Current Solicitations & Notices

The purpose of this page is to post current Request for Proposals and Bid Advertisements. For information regarding these bids please contact our Finance Department Department at (434)977-4511.

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Notice of Intent to Award of Contract on Emergency Basis Virginia Code 2.2-4303 (F)

Date: August 6, 2018
Notice is hereby given that The Albemarle County Service Authority has determined that the hereinafter described contract must be awarded on emergency basis:
Department: Maintenance Department
Description: Village Square Aerial Sanitary Sewer Emergency Replacement
Awarded to: Contour Construction

Notice of Intent to Award

Date: July 9, 2018
Title: Ashcroft Pump Station 2 and 3 Capacity Improvements Project
In response to this project with a bid due date of July 2, 2018
Proposer: Fielder's Choice Enterprises, Inc.
Records for this procurement are now available for inspection by any bidder on this bid.
Quin G. Lunsford, Finance Director