Compliance Programs

The ACSA promotes and enforces backflow prevention to reduce health risks caused by cross-connections.  The goal of our Backflow Prevention Program is the educate the public on the importance of maintaining backflow preventers, eliminating cross-connections and preventing backflow incidents through inspections and regulations.


Food service and other establishments are required to have a Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) collection system.  This system reduces the amount of FOG that enters our sewer system.  FOG solidifies in the sewer system and causes clogs, backups and other major issues.  The ACSA’s FOG Program educates the public of the harm FOG causes while also ensuring that FOG collection devices in establishments are installed, inspected and maintained regularly. 

The ACSA provides the opportunity for contractors, water haulers and certain others in the community to use our fire hydrants on a temporary basis upon written authorization. The ACSA will designate specific fire hydrants for use and establish conditions under which such use will be permitted. All non-fire related uses of fire hydrants shall be through the use of a fire hydrant meter assembly. All water acquired through a fire hydrant meter is charged at twice the current Non-Residential and Multi-Family Residential Rate.

    • In order to achieve certification, each carwash facility must meet certain criteria, particularly in regards to the maximum amount of potable water used for each type of wash offered. For the facilities served by the ACSA, certification is also a requirement to remain in operation during any future drought restrictions.