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Customer Payment Options

Not sure what our payment options are? Click the button below to view our Customer Payment Options Overview for more information.

Customer Payment Options Overview

How to Pay with a Credit Card

common credit card types

or call 1-800-272-9829
(Use Jurisdiction Code 1099)
Official Payments, the service provider, charges a nominal fee for this service.

How to Pay Online with a Checking or Savings Account

To make an online payment from your checking or savings account, click the link below to be directed to our e-Pay site.

(Please note, the link below will navigate you away from the Albemarle County Service Authority website).

Payments submitted before 10:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time will post the same day. Payments submitted after that time will post the following business day. A confirmation number is issued with every payment submitted. A payment history is retained online.

Payment is received following approval from your bank which may take up to 3 business days.

Visit MVP Banking to make an online payment from your checking or savings account.


If you would like to receive electronic bills, please click here.

E-Bill's Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to receive my statement electronically?

It’s easy. From the login page, select “Click here to enroll.” At the Authentication page, enter the Account Name, Account Number and Billing ID from your last mailed statement and follow the prompts.

Account information dialog box

We will be relocating soon and want to receive our statements electronically. Do I have to wait for my first mailed statement in order to sign up to do so?

Unfortunately, yes. A Billing ID is required to set up e-bill and the Billing ID is not generated until your account is billed for the first time.

Will my statement be e-mailed to me?

No. For security purposes your statement can only be accessed through our secure web portal. You will be notified via e-mail with a link to the login page whenever a new statement is available.

What if I don't receive the notification e-mail?

Following enrollment for eBill you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Should you not receive the confirmation e-mail, first check your spam folder and adjust spam settings to allow these e-mails. Next, login to eBill and select "User Options" to verify your e-mail address is correct. Finally, eBill access is not limited to an e-mail notification. You may login at any time to access current or past statements.

When will I see my first eBill?

Following enrollment any current eBill is available online immediately. Going forward you will have access to a 24 month invoice history.

How do I view my eBill?

Adobe Reader is required to view your eBill. If you don't have Adobe Reader simply click on Get Adobe Reader and select the appropriate version to download and install.

Will my mailed statement stop automatically?

Yes, by default your printed and mailed statement will stop when you elect to receive your statement electronically.

Can I go back to a mailed statement?

Yes. Should you need to revert to a printed and mailed statement, go to "User Options" and check the paper statement option. Your statement will then be mailed to you beginning with your next billing cycle.

Change password dialog box

Can I submit requests online?

Use the Submit A Request link as an example, for a move out notification. You may also contact us using the Send e-Mail link.

Customer Request for Service dialog box