Fire Hydrant Usage

To begin the process of applying for a fire hydrant meter the applicant must submit a Hydrant Meter Agreement form via  email to Eric Nutter at The intended uses for the hydrant meter will determine the size of fire hydrant meter assembly to be provided. Once the agreement has been submitted the applicant shall contact Eric Nutter (434-977-4511 ext. 163) to schedule an appointment to pick up the hydrant meter assembly and pay a deposit (cash or check to “ACSA” only; no credit card payments will be accepted). The Hydrant Meter Agreement describes all of the conditions for the temporary authorized use of a fire hydrant.

When authorization for use of a fire hydrant is granted to water haulers, or contractors filling tank trucks for distribution of water throughout a construction site, the water tank shall be inspected by ACSA personnel for proper backflow protection. A certificate will be issued for the tank truck upon satisfactory inspection and is to remain with the tank truck at all times. Applicants planning to use tank trucks must schedule an inspection appointment with Eric Nutter (434-977-4511 ext. 163).

Authorizations for the temporary use of a fire hydrant will be granted in 90-day increments, with additional 90-day periods approved upon request, and provided the applicant has met all conditions of the previous agreement. Fire hydrant meter assemblies (1″ and 1.5″) held for a 12-month period will be returned to the ACSA on or before the one-year anniversary of the issuance date, for testing of the meter and backflow prevention assembly. If the applicant still requires a fire hydrant meter assembly, a new Hydrant Meter Agreement will be completed and a replacement assembly will be issued, provided the applicant has met all conditions of the previous agreement.

Additional details about the ACSA Fire Hydrant Meter Program can be obtained from the various forms linked on this page and from Section 7-09: Temporary Use of Fire Hydrants, in the ACSA Rules and Regulations. If you have any questions about our Fire Hydrant Meter Program, please contact Eric Nutter (see above) or Tim Brown ( or 434-977-4511 ext. 119).